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Every single penny is used to support children and their families

We are KeepTheBeat. We’re a small charity with a big commitment. Our vision is to offer hope to all those families feeling lost when their child is suffering from a congenital heart condition. Our goal is to improve the lives of every child and provide support for affected families. When it comes to fundraising, every single penny raised is used to pay for life-changing support and equipment. We are an active charity, continually fundraising through regular charity challenges and events. You can help us continue to deliver vital support for children and their families by getting involved or supporting our cause. Help us KeepTheBeat.


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We are always looking for caring sponsors and supporters to take part in challenges. Help us increase our support for all those affected by congenital heart conditions.

Our Story

KeepTheBeat offers hope and support to families affected by congenital heart conditions. Albert Tansey was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent life-threatening surgery when he was only seven days old. By the age of five, Albert had undergone surgery several times including a heart transplant. Albert’s parents, Adam and Annita Tansey, wanted to improve the level of support and information available for families in similar situations. Together, they founded KeepTheBeat. Initially, the aim was to raise money to fund vital life-changing equipment and support at the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre. However, the word got out about their achievements. KeepTheBeat is now very proud to be supporting children and their families across the UK. Your support means that we can continue our vital work to help others facing similar journeys…

Meet the Team

Adam Tansey


“We started KeepTheBeat after our son, Albert, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. We wanted to improve the amount of support available for families on similar journeys, and we were disenchanted with the major charities. We wanted to give something back and help other families who also felt lost and alone. One day, whilst waiting in the nearby hospital parent’s accommodation, we decided to create KeepTheBeat and raise money to buy life-changing support and equipment. We also wanted to offer families hope and support. In terms of raising money and managing donations, we wanted to ensure the safe delivery of any funds, so that every penny is used to better the lives of children and their families affected by congenital heart defects. As a charity, we take a very active approach – we don’t just sit back and wait for donations. Our ‘KeepTheBeat family’ continually undertake major cycling fundraising challenges. We also hold an annual charity ball, where we bring everyone together to celebrate the charity’s achievements and to honour the lives of every child suffering with a congenital heart defect.”

Annita Tansey


“I spent lots of time in hospital when our son Albert was born. As time moved on and we came to terms with Albert’s condition, we saw other families in the same position as we once were. We started KeepTheBeat as a way to give a voice to those families and to offer the support we lacked. Our first experience of helping another family was when a nurse mentioned that another family has been told that one of their twins had the same condition as Albert. Being able to not only empathise and listen, but to fully understand exactly what the twins’ parents were facing, gave us the opportunity to share useful information and to give them hope. Albert has been through so much, but the progress he’s made with his condition is a symbol of hope to families on similar journeys – I am always so proud of Albert whenever I bring him onto a ward to talk to other children and their parents.

As a charity, we provide emergency toiletry packs to families, and a choice of bedding and up-to-date toys for the children to ensure their hospital stay is as comfortable as possible. Having a choice of bedding and toys also helps to reduce the child’s fear and anxiety of being in hospital. We also supply our Zipoplin Bears, which are soft, bright and give comfort to poorly children – however, these zippy bears act as learning tools too. The zip over the soft enclosed heart helps parents explain to a child what’s happening to them, so they can understand and come to terms with their condition. We strongly believe in creating a positive approach, and our support now extends beyond the ward to others across the country.”

Graham Rowntree


“I met Adam several years ago, as our daughters were school friends. I was incredibly moved by Adam and Annita’s traumatic experience with their son, Albert, so I decided I had to support this worthwhile cause and I am very proud to be the charity’s patron. What makes KeepTheBeat very different from other charities is the fact that every single penny goes directly to help children with congenital heart defects and their families. When it comes to fundraising, there is no waste and no excess. You can see the fruits of your labours, as donations are used to improve the amount of support and buy life-changing equipment for the Children’s Heart Unit at the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, as well as offering support for others across the UK. I also regularly take part in major, sponsored cycling challenges for KeepTheBeat and one event raised more than £51k – we ride in the names of all children affected by congenital heart conditions.”

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We are always looking for caring sponsors and supporters to take part in challenges. Help us increase our support for all those affected by congenital heart conditions.
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