Claire Bennett Update

Florence spent 18 days on Cardiac Intensive care. Whilst she was up there she started with 14 drug pumps for various medicines. Whilst sedated Florrie was on Morphine and Ketamine. Then she was on various medicines for fluid loss (diuretics), medicines to control heart rate, medicines to infections to name a few.

When you were a week old and 3 days after surgery, Flo opened her eyes after surgery and it was amazing to see her beautiful eyes again. The nurse surprised us with making a’bumpkin’ with the ‘Bumpkin Twins’ (and bum print pumpkin), it was very surreal. Here she was 3 days post surgery, on a ventilator, on lots of meds and here we are painting your little bottom! We got to wash her properly for the first time and really felt confident helping the nurse hold you and change your bed.

I was so excited to come up to see you at 14:10 (the time you had been born the week before!), however the ward was closed for another patient so it wasn’t too be.

The day Florence’s chest was closed, Tom and our nurse had played me, Tom wanted to go play pool at a snooker hall near by which we did, we got a phone call whilst we were there to say the surgeons where going to do her chest closure. We were obviously very worried because of what happened last time. When we got back to the hospital, she looked so good with her chest closed.

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