Claire Bennett Update

We ended up back in hospital after a few days because you were not putting on weight and you not settling on the SMA high energy formula you were on. So we spent another 5 days in hospital whilst they changed you to Aptamil Pepti Junior and breastfeeding and you settled beautifully so we were allowed home. I stayed with her every night due to breastfeeding her.

Formula has been a constant issue with Florence the SMA high energy didn’t agree with her. Then when she still wasn’t putting on weight they tried Infatrini another high energy and again it was not right for her. They both made her desaturate really badly.

So she is now on a mix of Breastmilk and formula, with potential to look at allergy testing in the future.

This stay was hard, me and Tom alternated who stayed with her, but then I was allowed to try breastfeeding Florence took to it like a duck to water so then I became the staying parent. We did not like being back on the monitors as it made us constantly watch again. In this stay we were allowed time off the monitors and this meant we could go for walks in the fresh air with her.

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