Claire Bennett Update

I was up early, waited for the drug round then I was off! I asked one of the nurses to wheel me to the Neonatal ward so I could see Florence. She had a good night, at this point due to the Prostin, her oxygen saturations (amount of oxygen in the blood) were in the 90s. The nurse said later in the morning, when Tom got in we could get Florence out for skin to skin and cuddles. This would hopefully help my milk production as well, this was important to me, because it was some I could do for you! So I went back to my room to wait for Tom to get in.

When he did off we went back to her bedside, we got our first cuddles, i got skin to skin, I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed you but I was amazed because Florrie did the breast crawl, it was fascinating to watch. After I had cuddles Flo then went to Tom, there was such love and affection in his eyes I may have shed a tear!

It made us chuckle whilst on neonates, Florrie had bubble wrap as a blanket, because cardiac babies can suffer with low profusion to the extremities it was important for the nurses to see your hands and feet at all times. She had some little bits of fabric in there, that both me and Tom had slept with so they had our smell on them to soothe her, she also had Ollie the Octopus, the tentacles are similar to the umbilical cord and helps babies to not pull their tubes out.

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