Claire Bennett Update

It felt like we had to take a backwards step with Flo because she had an X-ray and it showed fluid on her lungs, the doctor told us this was normal after being vented and they needed to put her on something called Vapotherm, high pressure flow of oxygen to help inflate her lungs after the fluid and collapse. She also had lots of physiotherapy and occupational therapy input to help her lung too.

There was a day when we thought you had slept too much…we decided to say something to the doctor who agreed. There was some tweaks to sedatives and you were a little more awake, we said to ourselves we would always discuss our concerns.

We got very excited when we went to register her birth at the same registry office we got married in. She also came off the last of the ‘hard’ drugs morphine, it had been weaned slowly in a good that she wouldn’t get withdrawals. She did get some withdrawals from the morphine, but she powered through. Her central arterial line came out any bloods or gases would now need to be done by heel prick. By the end of her stay on CPICU she did not like her feet being touched at all, she associated it with pain. We had to do a lot of work her after to allow us to touch her feet again.

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