Claire Bennett Update

Halloween 🎃 Me and Tom went home for the first time, the ward was closed for the majority of the day so it helped a little. But it still made me guilt hard, I cried for a lot of the time but had cuddles with the dogs which was nice.

When we got back to the hospital Florence had her chest drains removed, to make sure everything was ok they did a chest x-ray, this revealed your right lung had deflated, we were told not to worry, it can happen when vented. We of course were very worried.

Then in quick succession we had a lot of changes, she had her catheter out which made changing her so much easier. She also had her first clothes on since she was born. It was amazing to see! Her ventilator was removed and she handled it so well for a while, then her oxygen saturations dropped and she needed to go on nasal cannula oxygen. Her peripheral cannulas in her hands removed, again this helped changing her, the dressings on her chest were removed and her scar looked amazing. We got cuddles with our Florence for the first time in 9 days, it was truly amazing!

(She finally got to wear her Halloween outfit at around 8 weeks old!)

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