Claire Bennett Update

One of the hardest things we have found on this journey, is quite literally the monotonous journey into the hospital, followed by 30-40mins of trying to park then the walk from the car park to Florence’s bedside. Having nearly an hour taken out of your day that you should be with your daughter is ridiculous. Do that daily for nearly 100 days…it gets old! It’s crazy to think how much this simple act can actually affect your mental health. Everyday is ground hog day, we get up, sort the dogs, travel to the hospital, send the day with Florence, travel home, realised we have no food in the house, go Morrisons, cook, eat, feed dogs, sleep…repeat, every day.

Spending the day with Florence is the best bit of the day, if she’s happy and smiley then it’s wonderful, some days she’s not and if that is her desaturating her oxygen that means monitors going off, or if as she is at the moment she’s a grumpy because she’s teething…this journey can become all consuming.

Me and Tom are very lucky we have such a strong relationship that we talk a lot about how we are feeling. If we didn’t it would be a completely different outcome, from such an intense and traumatic experience.

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