Claire Bennett Update

After her first surgery people assumed Florence was ‘fixed’, she unfortunately isn’t. Florence will be having at least a further 2 surgeries along with procedures as and when she needs them. We were told when we learned of her heart condition that the surgeries are only palliative care.

The next surgery Florence will have will be between 4-6 months and called the Glenn. This takes the superior vena cava from the heart and connects it to the pulmonary artery. Then when she is around 5 years old she will have another surgery called the Fontan. These are all extremely risky open heart surgeries and carry lots of risks, but without them Florence wouldn’t be here any longer.

Flo may also need a cath procedures where they go in through the groin to do any corrective surgery or look at pressures within the heart.
We will need to do lots of work with Florence around positive touch so she doesn’t associate touch with pain.

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