Claire Bennett Update

Unfortunately from 37 weeks I was admitted to hospital with pregnancy induced hypertension (thanks Florence!). This meant everything was a waiting game until 39 weeks! 39 weeks arrived and there were daily discussions about Baby Bennett’s arrival and whether a bed was available on CPICU or the Neonatal ward.

Then 39+4, was game day! I was taken to delivery suite, my best friend midwife was called, Tom was on his way when baby had other ideas. On the pre monitoring listening to babies heart, the heart rate dropped twice within 60 mins. The doctor came to speak to us, we had all the information we needed to make an informed decision that we would go ahead with an unplanned c section. We didn’t want to go down the induction route then need an emergency section of babies heart rate dropped further.

As I was prepped for theatre a man from the neonatal ward come to see us, because if baby was coming today, no bed was available and baby may need to be transferred to Bristol or Leeds. We were crushed, we wanted our baby to be at Leicester because the East Midlands Congenital heart centre had helped many people we know. As I was just getting ready for my spinal block, he came back and told us he had managed to sort it and we were staying in Leicester. Phew!

First spinal block didn’t take, had to have a second. Didn’t want a general anaesthetic because the baby would be whisked away and I wouldn’t see it for 4-5 hours, I wanted to make sure I was awake. Luckily second spinal block worked and they called in Tom who had been waiting outside wondering what had happened because the 15-20mins he had been told to wait turned into 50 mins.
It took 7 minutes from that point to us meeting you ❤️

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