Claire Bennett Update

Delivery Day
When the surgeon held you over the blue curtain it was unconditional love. Your tiny hands with long fingers, your little squished cheeks. It was so nice to be able to announce to Helen that you were a little girl, Florence Georgea, born at 14:10 weighing 6lb 4oz! Then you cried and everything was amazing. You were whisked away to the nursery to be checked on. You were well enough so Helen made sure you were brought into us for cuddles before you went to the neonatal ward, Then you were gone.

I was closed up and taken to my recovery room where I had to wait for 4 hours before I could come and see you. Tom went to the neonatal ward after an hour and you had your umbilical catheter and had been started on prostin. You also had an NG tube (nasal gastro), all your food went down this, straight to your stomach, this was so you didn’t exert all your energy feeding. Tom phoned grandparents to let them know they had a grand daughter. Tom FaceTimed me from Florence’s incubator, she looked so perfect, just relaxing after her speedy recovery Earth Side.

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